When choosing a lodge, you should consider the following checklist:
* How Active is the lodge?
* Does the lodge meet on a regular basis?
* Is there a variety of events for both you and your family?
* How often will you attend those meetings/events?
* What is the proximity of the lodge to your job/home?
* How easy is it to reach the lodge if you have a question or problem?
* Will the lodge keep you well informed of issues, etc.?

      If you have any questions, please feel free to either e-mail me at                 

fop38prez@aol.com or by cell at (917) 345-0164

Mike Nied, President

Welcome!     Lodge 38 has been a chartered lodge for over 30 years and is comprised of nearly 600    members coming from 55 different law enforcement departments and agencies in the New York City metropolitan area.
     Feel free to explore our website and take advantage of the information contained herein.  But more importantly, take advantage of as many events, benefits and opportunities as possible.  Our motto has been and always will be "members come first".
     If you are not a member of the FOP and are either an active or retired law enforcement officer in New York State - I invite you to look over our site and the benefits of being a member and invite you to join.

     There are many lodges out there to choose from and the most important think is to be a memeber of the FOP regardless of which lodge you decide on.  Lodge 38 prides itself on being one of the most active and involved lodges in the State Lodge, so we hope that you consider joining FOP Lodge #38!​​